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darkness into light...

my so-called life

lemme see...
I claimed Sakurai Sho in arashi_claims je_claims

I claimed Sakurai Sho as Ryuzo Mukai (Kiiroi Namida)in arashi_claims
I claimed Sho's blog (otonoha)in arashi_claims

I'm weird...
great with other people's relationships
but stupid with my own..(tell me who isnt!)
people pleaser...
loyal friend...
randy girlfriend...(mmhmmm...)
Über feminist..(as a friend said once...)
passionate in the things i love to do....
(mmmhmmm....even that..)

i am an overly analytical person who loves to pick at people's words...(to expound...what do people really mean when they say something...)

i love taking care fo my friends...its innate i think...quite automatic actualy. i go into "nurturing/clucking hen" mode as per my friend...
she says i can get married already...ugh! puh-leeez!

i am so into local indie bands right now, much caused by my friends here in the office...i am a lot less "jologz" now...as compared to my previous preferences...as stated in my ineterests above...drip,
sound,up dharma down and beansbaxter

i love to pester people online...hehe..thru meebo and thru SMS...
and even live hehe....one of my favorite things to do...be a kid once in a while...even for just a minute or two...

for your comments and suggestions..please PM, YM or send me a text message..♥
NOTE: do not greet me on my brithday..i hate my brithday~ thanks~

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