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Hello! If you've stumbled upon my blog, you need to get out. FAST!
HAHAHAHA!! Up to you if you want to keep reading though.
Anyhow~ I'm Jamie, 36 years old and from Manila, Philippines.


Time to set certain things public for the benefit of community owners, I guess. Strange. I have my own fanfiction community but all I really ask is that people aren't too new, To each their own, right? I have been a fangirl since 2005. Started blogging in 2006 with mostly personal things, poetry that I don't want others to steal from me (that's why I set my account private).  I founded Sakurai Sho Philippines back in 2008 or 2009, I believe. I have only recently been given a laptop by a friend. I never had a PC or laptop while I was studying. We had typewriters, my dearies. I never needed a PC anyhow. Nope. Never went to college but I started working since I was 17 years old till things spiraled with my health. What I would do years ago was rent a pc in internet cafes or use the office pc, if one was available in the pantry. My username was derived from the fact that I used to be a BPO worker. I was a Call Center Agent. I worked all night, sitting at a desk and talking to people from across the world. I was awake at night and asleep in the morning,; hence, VampyrRep or Vampire Call Center Rep. I guess not everyone would care but in the span of nearly13 years, I have gone through so much in life. Yet one thing remains, I am still an Arashi fan. I am not married. I have no kids. I work from home because I cannot walk far nor sit for too long with my spinal condition. I also have to work long hours, from the time I wake up until I fall asleep just to put food on the table and keep a roof over my senior citizen mom's head. So if people are looking for someone to be active, I may not be that person but I try to. Even if I haven't watched ANYTHING ARASHI RELATED in full since 2010. Pathetic? Yes. Am I a fan? Yes. The measure of being a fan can't be dictated with updates, right?
If you want to follow me, do so, I don't mind, I might start writing again. There seems to be a clamor for my work so why not?! I will when time permits. For now, I'll just go hug Sho for a while.

Tags: fandom, introduction, jigou shokai, life in general, my life

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