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these past few weeks..i've been a bit happier despite the small arguments i'm having with imouto (thresozome) *huggles imouto* 
she gave me this song, she says when she hears it, she's reminded of Sho asking me all that mushiness... and i'm not one for mushiness but i started crying when i heard the song..
i cry whenever i hear it..

then i thought.. of a reply to him..

Then a few days ago, while listening to the radio- something I've not done in a long while- I heard this lovely song and thought of Jun and imouto..

Imouto then said that this was her favorite Jesse McCartney song, which I wasn't aware of since I didn't really listen to the kid. But upon hearing the words, I thought it was perfect. I had it in my head that Jun was saying it to imouto and it makes me happy that he was.

I asked her what she would reply and she said it would be this..

too many videos, i know but still.. i guess music runs my life..
ok.. back to work!

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