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29 October 2025 @ 09:31 am
Hello! If you've stumbled upon my blog, you need to get out. FAST!
HAHAHAHA!! Up to you if you want to keep reading though.
Anyhow~ I'm Jamie, 36 years old and from Manila, Philippines.


Time to set certain things public for the benefit of community owners, I guess. Strange. I have my own fanfiction community but all I really ask is that people aren't too new, To each their own, right? I have been a fangirl since 2005. Started blogging in 2006 with mostly personal things, poetry that I don't want others to steal from me (that's why I set my account private).  I founded Sakurai Sho Philippines back in 2008 or 2009, I believe. I have only recently been given a laptop by a friend. I never had a PC or laptop while I was studying. We had typewriters, my dearies. I never needed a PC anyhow. Nope. Never went to college but I started working since I was 17 years old till things spiraled with my health. What I would do years ago was rent a pc in internet cafes or use the office pc, if one was available in the pantry. My username was derived from the fact that I used to be a BPO worker. I was a Call Center Agent. I worked all night, sitting at a desk and talking to people from across the world. I was awake at night and asleep in the morning,; hence, VampyrRep or Vampire Call Center Rep. I guess not everyone would care but in the span of nearly13 years, I have gone through so much in life. Yet one thing remains, I am still an Arashi fan. I am not married. I have no kids. I work from home because I cannot walk far nor sit for too long with my spinal condition. I also have to work long hours, from the time I wake up until I fall asleep just to put food on the table and keep a roof over my senior citizen mom's head. So if people are looking for someone to be active, I may not be that person but I try to. Even if I haven't watched ANYTHING ARASHI RELATED in full since 2010. Pathetic? Yes. Am I a fan? Yes. The measure of being a fan can't be dictated with updates, right?
If you want to follow me, do so, I don't mind, I might start writing again. There seems to be a clamor for my work so why not?! I will when time permits. For now, I'll just go hug Sho for a while.

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My posts are private. Only friends can see them. I have over 1000 posts and have updated last month. I have been in and out of the hospital since 2010 for health reasons. But I understand that rules are rules. Maybe I should change my settings but then I don't want people to read about my life as much. In any case, thank you for your time.

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Okamoto-senpai's son, Keito seems to be embroiled in a nasty entanglement created to ma align his credibility as well as JE's other talents. By whom, you may be asking? Well, there's always been a power struggle among the key players in the agency. People are planted all over the place these days. Women used against the JE boys time and again. it's getting tedious ne. But there will be more blood. Been telling everyone but no one would listen. They keep saying it's normal. oh well...suit yourself. I'm always the one saying "I Told You So".
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13 June 2018 @ 04:53 am

Since I now have a means of writing again, I'll try and finish/edit previous work. Most, if not all, do need some proofreading and lots to be edited out. I'm not sure if thresozome still lurks around here but she most likely has a new blog and her own following. She's a people person...of sorts. I'm more of..."I piss everyone off by telling them the truth" kind of person. That being the case, I don't expect anyone to read this anymore. People are mostly on IG or Twitter or elsewhere. Gone are the days of indie blogs. Gone are the times I would go online for a few hours just to chat with international friends about my passion for writing and Arashi/jpop/anime/manga. Now, it's just difficult to truly connect to people. Maybe I still give off a noxious vibe. Maybe I'm just annoyingly toxic. Who knows?! No one has told me...........
Oh wait!
Scratch that.
People HAVE been telling me I'm annoyingly toxic, I just ignore them.
This is me.
I'm not changing for people.
I may tone it down a bit if you matter to me but......

what am I going on about at 4:41AM?!?!?!?!
I should be fucking sleeping. ugh!

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14 September 2017 @ 02:05 am
I now believe that you really have to hit rock bottom to realize that you will soon find the Light. And EUREKA! I have!
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24 March 2015 @ 10:27 pm
More trouble.
I'm tired.
What mama or my friends don't know is that I feign sleep. I don't want people to worry needlessly. I won't die yet (hopefully).
Last time I slept was Saturday, around 4pm. I have now broken my record of no sleep for 48 hours. I am now roughly 78 hours and 15mins awake.
I have tried sleeping pills. I can't take more than 2 tabs, I had a history of OD-ing so I'm not really allowed much of it.
I used my last php20 for food today.
I didn't get anything last payday since I was on sick leave and I don't have any more leave credits. I won't be getting this next payday. No money for rent (or food).
Mama wants to borrow from that lending cooperative again. *sighs* My entire body hurts in some way, shape or form. i need to have my cyst taken out but the HMO won't cover it. I owe people (friends) money. Now, there's a counterafidavit that our landlord wants to file against the people who are trying to get us evicted. I feel like I've been dragged into a quagmire of some sort.
Right now, I want to sleep. Yes, that's all I want. I want to sleep for at least 8 hours.
I'm running on constant eating so I won't collapse at work.
I ended up hurting people. It's a vicious cycle. I see something that irritates me for no valid reason, comment something stupid and I hurt friends.
You may be wondering why I've posted this here.
Nobody comes here anymore. Nobody would think I just wanted attention.
It's just like I'm talking to a blank wall.
I don't matter anyway. Haha! Sounds like someone I know. She says I don't understand her. I've been there all my life. I know what its like to be nothing.

I wish I could be that.

Cease to exist.
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25 September 2014 @ 10:25 am
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happy for them...as in totally!
but i can't help but feel......blah~
i was never excited about their concerts..i was excited about the con goods but then idk..for this particular one..i don't really mind it much..
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01 September 2014 @ 05:32 am
been ages since my last post..decided to just say wooo!!
will go back to work in a bit..
i just noticed that since Vox closed...there are fewer people who actually go into lj to talk..everything is in Facebook and its...somehow a bit too rowdy over yonder hills..lol!
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05 September 2013 @ 08:33 pm
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end... These are the lyrics to Closing Time by Semisonic, a song that I listened to when I was in high school. Its meanings may span so many different ages and points of view. For me, in the recent events in my life, it means starting over. I have been in a sort of daze in the last two to three years of my life that when the smoke lifted, I saw what I had known for about five years since 2005. What was that, you ask? That everything happens for a reason and that each person has a purpose. Yes, I'm rambling nonsense due to the meds I've just taken but what the heck, right? Lol! But seriously, I had always thought of myself as a regular fan. Another fan thought otherwise and opened my mind to certain views that weren'r considered conventional. The friendship blossomed, went through the most horrendous STORMs and ended up battered, bruised and beyond repair-partly due to my fault. Words were said that couldn't be taken back.
I admit that this isnt the first time it had happened. It happened on two other instances where I know it was my fault. I guess I never learned. This is also why I keep people ''out of arms reach'', this is to make sure that no one gets hurt.
So next time you see me, don't get too too close, you'll get burned.
And so the curtain closes yet again for the time being.

-Rinnu Tenshiko
09/05/2013 at 20:27

03 September 2013 @ 12:00 pm
  • Mon, 18:51: I want to watch a movie..I want to watch City of Bones..*sighs*